About The Boat & Manufacturer

The all new Gemini Zapcat FF-15 is a catamaran inflatable racing/leasure boat. As Zapcat is used commonly to refer to these types of boats, Zapcat officially is the specific brandname from Gemini Marine. Other common names of this type of boat are Pencil Ducks or Thundercats.

Due to their shock absorbing tunnel hull design, a Zapcat is a very stable inflatable, capable of handling extreme rough seas and large surf. With the boat only weighing less than 150 kgs including a 50 hp outboard engine, the Zapcat can easily be trailered or even carried by two persons. When you buy a Gemini Zapcat racing boat, you’ll be purchasing an inflatable boat with over 30 years of experience put into it. Zapcats originally are built for racing, but it is also an excellent boat for thrill seekers and it will give you hours of adrenaline and fun! Expect only the best from the 2016 Trans Agulhas price winning, original Zapcat.


Between 12 and 18 mph or 20 to 30 kph.

13’ ThunderCat (50 hp) = 45-55 mph.

Either a 2 or 4 stroke Tohatsu motor.

30% more fuel efficient when compared to a traditional V-bottom style inflatable of comparable size and weight.

Boat at rest with engine = 16″ or Boat on plane = 3″ to 6”.